Educational Benefits

At FlyBlocks we believe in promoting lifelong skills and cultivating innovation. Our continued mission is to provide a multifaceted building and flying experience that promotes this. We created the Build N’ Fly Drone Kit to engage people and encourage them to build, engineer, explore, fly and more!

People are naturally curious and our drone offers the chance to learn by experimenting with a pilotless piece of technology that has to be built by hand. As you start to build your kit it changes from an inanimate object to a flying drone. The development of valuable problem solving, critical thinking and real world application skills are the end result.

We also believe that STEM education matters. Our drone is the perfect gateway to introducing young minds to the world of STEM and it is also a multi-purpose learning tool.

Still not convinced? Here are additional benefits attached to building your own drone:

  • Overcoming real life challenges
  • Team building and cooperation
  • Patience
  • Cognitive development
  • Self confidence
  • Eye-hand coordination

What are you waiting for? Fly it. Crash it. Build it again. We guarantee a fun and educational experience for all.