Fly Tips


Charge the battery using the USB cable by connecting it to a wall port or computer. The light will turn on when it is charging and off when it is fully charged.

Install the fully charged battery into the base of the drone and connect the battery plug to the drone’s input. The lights will turn on when it’s powered.

Install the fully charged battery into the drone battery base and then connect the battery plug with the drone’s battery.

Beginner/ headless mode setting

Use the right control stick to begin once headless mode is on. Forward is forward, left is left, right is right and down will cause the drone to reverse. The right stick pushed forward will result in the drone flying away. When you push backwards the drone will fly back; the direction that the drone itself is facing will have no effect.

Flying direction setting: place the drone in front of you, point the remote towards the back of the drone and then press one key take off.


While flying, press the headless mode button. Wait until the remote makes a beeping sound and wait until the drone’s light blinks fast. This indicates that the headless mode is on. To turn it off, press the button again. It will beep and turn off.

 Drone and controller connection

Turn on the drone by connecting the battery. The lights should be flashing. Place the drone on a flat surface in an open and safe flying area, then turn on the remote. When you are ready to pair the drone and remote, push the left control stick forward, then backwards. You should hear 2 beeps and the drone lights will stop flashing, which signals that you are paired and ready to fly.


Flying Control


High/Low Speed

High/low speed controls the speed of flying forward, backward, left and right. The default setting is slow mode and when you press the “H” button, the remote will make a beeping sound, which turns the high speed mode on. To go back to slow mode, press the “L” button and wait for the beep.


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